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Sun Jul 17 2022


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List of 70+ Mobile, PC and Mac app review websites active in 2022

Contact list for app review websites of Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Websites. Including websites where you can pitch your startup.

70+ list for app review websites of Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Websites

Contact list for app review websites of Android, iOS, MacOS, Windows, Websites

If you have launched your app, website or startup congratulations. Now you are looking to reach out to the client/users/customers. With the market already saturated with so many apps, websites it can be tricky to gather attention to your startup.

In 2022 approximately Google Play Store have 3.5million and Apple App Store have 2 million apps. Your app will be buried in those numbers unless you do something about it. There are multiple things you can do to improve the visibility of your app, e.g. paying for the ads. But paying for ads can be very costly, only to get to top 25 in your category an estimate of $200,000 budget is required on Play Store.

One easy and very effective way is to contact the app/website/startup review companies. You submit your app to them and they review it for their blogs. This not only adds visibility for your startup but puts backlinks to you which are very effective in the ranking of your app or website.

People use these blogs to improve their overall experience of the technology. Like if you have made a video editor app, people might be looking for a unique, feature rich app which can help them, they might look for already reviewed apps from the blog. Reading about the features in the blog can help them pick the best app.

Collecting all the information about the review blogs can be a hefty task so we collected the information about active review blogs in 2022 and how to contact them. You just need to either submit or email them your app based on their preferred choice of communication. Explain in details about your app and provide screenshots/videos that will explain your app or website best.

Here is information about 70+ review blogs:

Every contact detail has been checked and updated recently

allthingsd.comContact Here
androidappsreview.comContact Here
androidcentral.comContact Here
app-apes.comContact Here
appsmirror.comContact Here
bestappsforkids.comContact Here
cnet.comContact Here
commonsensemedia.orgContact Here
droid-life.comContact Here
feedmyapp.comContact Here
fossbytes.comContact Here
gigaom.comContact Here
imore.comContact Here
pcmag.comContact Here
phandroid.comContact Here
shegeeks.netContact Here
slashdot.orgContact Here
theiphoneappreview.comContact Here
thesmartphoneappreview.comContact Here
thestartuppitch.comContact Here
vox.comContact Here
windowscentral.comContact Here
wirefly.comContact Here
zdnet.comContact Here

If your app or website is unique and you have written a good personalized email or message, you will get your review. If you want to be added into the list just email us at